Stewardship comes with the great responsibility of making sure that the terms of all preservation easements are carried out. Partnering with us for aerial data acquisition to document, view and manage the land in preservation means you can do it with greater efficiency, accuracy and promote positive relationships. 


Timely and accurate documentation of land in preservation is critical to the success of Land Trust organizations.  Our aerial mapping services provide you with an orthomosaic map of the entire acreage based on accurate property lines and identification of all structures and natural resources.  

Our FAA 107 certified Remote Pilot Operators arrive on the property ready to work. Fully licensed and insured our Drone Operations team coordinates our flights to have the minimal impact on your clients.  Equipped with self-sustaining equipment and set-up, our  team, establishes an operations area for the UAS (drone) to take off and land from. Then captures hundreds and in some cases thousands of images. These images are then stitched together to generate an orthomoasic (ground photo map). These maps are loaded with valuable data that provide critical details and information for your preservation program.


Aerial mapping provides thorough baseline documentation for the intake of properties into conservation programs. 

  •  Establish the condition of the land when the easement is 


  •  Monitor and document changes and identify concerns.

  •  Maintain visual historic documentation that can be shared with

      all stakeholders.  

  •  Take accurate measurements of structures and acreage.


Help develop relationships by sharing valuable information about the land trust with the property owner.  Visible documentation that can be referenced by all interested parties helps support the common goals of the land trust.  We provide real time, accurate imagery to maintain critical communications with land owners.  

Using our aerial services means your Stewardship Program has more time to foster relationships and spend less time walking acreage and taking eye level photos.


While we think our drones are cool, we realize it's aerial  intelligence

and property insights that you need. Outstanding imagery is captured between less than 0.4inches/pixel  -  1.7inches/pixel ground resolution and delivered within 72 hours.  Our data is delivered in usable formats that can be shared with all stake holders. Easily maintain monthly, quarterly or annual documentation.