Use aerial data to compliment your community property management systems and workflow with consistent, efficient, safe, on-demand data and images.  Document changes and growth, identify priorities, maintain consistency among multiple locations.




Orthomosaic mapping delivers a comprehensive view and gathers information that provide valuable insights for the decision making process.


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Maintaining the quality, safety and efficiency of your properties is critical to maintaining maximum occupancy. 

Routine inspections provide mangers with data critical to establishing and maintaining standards. 

Aerial maps provide:

  • Roof inspections

  • Asset management of rooftop systems

  • Parking lot assessments

  • Common area evaluations

                                   ...And more



landscape assessment

A unique data point acquired through aerial mapping is the uniform assessment of landscaping.

  • Quickly assess plant health and grass quality - including identifying areas of invasive grasses.

  • Identify irrigation and water management issues.

  • Safeguard your communities investment in landscaping.




  • Document historical record of property.

  • Maintain consistency of standards company wide.

  • Prepare for inspections.

  • Augment your workflow; import data into into CAD systems.

  • Be prepared for future construction and earthwork projects.

  • Identify needs quickly; before ground or windshield identification.