Aerial insights offer government agencies the necessary information to make more informed decisions, document heritage and safeguard communities.


Maintaining government assets is a critical task.  Aerial drone data acquisition reduces risk, provides realtime documentation of the asset and its condition. From roof inspections, to HVAC system performance, vehicle inventory, and building conditions, aerial asset management provides thousands of data points as information to help government agencies prioritize tasks and expenses.

reduce risk  •  identify issues quickly  •  prioritize action  •  consistency


In our growing and changing communities, construction is just a way of life. Managing the progress of this construction is a critical government priority. Our aerial construction services support site planning, progress tracking, measurements and historic documentation of change.   From roadways to buildings and public transportation systems aerial progress missions provides realtime updates to critical stakeholders now and in the future. 

Track Progress  • Provide Transparency  •  Identify Issues  •  Document Improvements  


Data. Everyone uses it, everyone needs it, and everyone needs to store it. Drone data acquisition and documentation is cutting edge. It's not just for pretty real estate pictures and military use, drone data is a notable method for gathering information and making better more informed decisions in almost every industry. It provides thousands of data points and makes them easy to use in images or reports that help answer questions, solve problems and increase efficiencies. Real-time, high resolution maps are changing the way businesses make decisions.

On - Demand  •  High-Resolution  •  Increase Efficiency  •  Make Better Decisions

emergency and Disaster
planning & response & recovery

Baseline maps and images provide a place to start from in the planning, mitigation and recovery stages of an emergency. Our services are designed to work in concert with your existing maps and GIS programs.  Construction and natural disaster can physically change the landscape of your response area. 

Our Critical Response team of pilots is uniquely qualified to provide emergency services. With over 20 years of emergency response experience. From Fire Rescue to full USAR response our team has the experience and certifications to be an asset to your operation.  All of Critical Response staff are NIMS certified by FEMA, CPR certified and are deployable for up to 14 days with the possibility of extension to 21 days. 

Deployable  •  NIMS Certified  •  USAR  •  Situational Awareness  •  Risk Mitigation


Our future is a reflection of our past. Throughout time governments have documented construction projects for their citizens and for history.  From the U.S. Capitol to the smallest jail during the western expansion documentation of the peoples buildings have stood the test of time. Aerial drone maps are just another way to assure your buildings stand the test of time.  

Transparency  •  Education  •  Progress  •  Preserve Heritage

roof assessment.png

Government buildings and facilities are subject to damage, wear and deterioration like any other structure.  Our aerial drone inspection services can capture and identify issues in a fraction of the time and with greatly reduced risk than a typical windshield or ground inspection can provide.  When you rely on accurate interpretation of standards across multiple sites, drone data provides consistency to maintain your standards. We can document and identify issues safely and quickly. And provide documentation that integrates with your current workflow.

Reduce Risk  •  Identify Issues Precisely  •  Save Time  •  Provide Consistency

marketing &
Public Relations

Providing excellent communications and establishing an environment of transparency are meaningful to communities and crucial for the government agencies that support them. Providing relevant and engaging images and video is a significantly successful way to communicate the changing and evolving environments our governments manage. 

Our post production team has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. They are eager to work with you on providing the materials you need from awesome aerial coverage!

Communicate Change  •  Encourage Transparency  •   Be Relevant  • Provide Information


Millions of acres are placed into preservation/land trusts every year in the US. Establishing a baseline, annual assessment documentation, identification of violations, and natural changes can all be documented through our aerial drone services. With ground resolutions as high as 0.4 inches/pixel our drone images provide greater detail than most aerial orthomosaic, orthorectified imagery. Compared to satellite imagery that is refreshed every few years, our data is provided to you within 72-hours of the mission.

On-Demand Imagery  •  Less than 72 hrs  Delivery  •  High Resolution  •  Saves Time