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Elevated Inspection

CLIENT:       Frederick County Parks and Rec 

LOCATION:  Frederick, VA



This four-field baseball park is surrounded by 24 wood post light poles affixed with aluminum lamp covers.  The conventional process requires a bucket truck or lift or some other elevated tool with at least 4 people and 5 days to complete the image acquisition. The cost to evaluate the condition of the lights using conventional methods quickly becomes cost-prohibitive. Assessing them is crucial so there are no outages during game season!

The Simple Solution

Minimizing risk and reducing cost while providing outstanding results is a consistent theme in partnering with Flying Fox UAV. Eight hi-resolution images of each light pole were taken to provide optimize the view and allow for maximum zoom for the client to view and inspect each head. The images with a corresponding map of the park were prepared within 24hours of leaving the site. 

The images provided the Parks and Rec team the ability to easily, safely, and quickly identify issues, prioritize replacement, and repair damages. While providing that information in a format that can be used to communicate with the vendors implementing the repairs.

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