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Progress Monitoring
Zero-Grid Airspace


CLIENT:      EE Reed East Coast

LOCATION: Loudoun County, VA


The 65-week, 50-acre, 2 building project located within Dulles Airspace required a special FAA zero-grid waiver. This airspace mandates that the drone operator be a licensed FAA Part 107 airman with the appropriate waiver, a registered drone, and the ability to communicate with air traffic control prior to and immediately following the completion of each flight. Without these, it is physically impossible to launch a drone in zero-grid airspace. 


Flying Fox UAV delivers!

This project requirement included weekly progress monitoring that began from the first week of site clearing and grubbing to client release. Each week orbital images and video were captured and sent within less than 24 hours; frequently within one hour of leaving the site! 


Use Case

The images were used to communicate throughout the project to multiple stakeholders including sub-contractors, project management, owners, and the client.  Providing an opportunity to identify changes in advance, communicate progress, track stock, and provide measurements.

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