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DisasteR & emergency


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In emergency situations and in the aftermath of a disaster, accurate, real-time information and data are critical. Aerial data acquisition is the quick, efficient, accurate method for gathering critical information before, during and after a disaster all while mitigating risk.  

For every step and every action level, aerial data is critical to the success of emergency management and can be shared across management resources.

Aerial Data Assessment: 

  • scope of disaster

  • hazardous material run off

  • evacuation routes

  • containment options

  • affected populations

  • impacted resources


Mapping damaged infrastructure, 

develop mitigation plans, manage resources and prioritize recovery efforts.

Aerial assessement of areas effected by disasters





images for documentation/assessment; orthomosaics for; measurements; volume; 43 acres in 9minutes

Damage assements in minutes - rapid damage assesment; increase overall situational awareness; set mission priorities; workflow 

deployment /planning through mitigation; drone services provide to

Selling to: states, federal govt; localities (towns); counties; local governement 

utility companies; transportation; recovery companies; 

Where drones make a difference in EMERGENCY RESPONSE

  • increase in Situational awareness; 360 aerial view

  • documentation process;  

  • internal/external communications

  • training (instant replay)

Integrate with Arc GIS

information from today for today

Where drones make a difference in DISASTER ASSESSMENT

  • prepardness

    • focused baseline mapping 

    • elevation models

  • response:

    • situational awareness

    • documentation

    • scouting - survivors; road closures; 

    • viability​ - 


  • early access to disaster site


NIMS national incident management system

NIMS 200, 300, 700, 800

CPR certified

25 years of disaster/fire/EMS/USAR experience

Deployable 14 days with extension to 21

Fly for 72 straight hours