Use aerial data to compliment your commercial property management systems and workflow with consistent, efficient, safe, on-demand data and images.


  • Orthomosaic mapping delivers a comprehensive view and gathers information that provides valuable insights for the decision making process.



  • Parking lot assessments include status of the parking lot, parking structures and the number of spots for each tenant.

  • Parking audits establish parking availability and potential numbers of visitors to retail space.


Asset inspections

  • Monitor roof damage

  • Identify causes of damage from standing water and inadequate drainage.

  • Assess the Impact from storms within 24hrs.

  • Inventory assets like HVAC systems.

  • Detect faults in solar panels and photovoltaic systems. 


  • Protect your investment and maintain healthy and attractive landscape. 

  • Maintain consistency throughout your properties.

  • Special filters create maps to evaluate plant health and identify invasive grasses.

  • We cover 200 acres in 10 minutes making assessment and documentation cost effective and timely. 


Document historical record of property.

Maintain consistency of standards company wide.

Prepare for inspections.

Augment your workflow; import data into into CAD systems.

Be prepared for future construction and earthwork projects.

Identify needs quickly; before ground or windshield identification.


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